Technical Standards for Sterile Processing Technician

Below are the technical standards required to successfully complete the Sterile Processing Technician program and gain employment in the field.

Technical Standards


Students must be able to observe and fully participate in all areas of the curriculum. These observations and practices must be demonstrated in the lab and clinical setting as required by the facility.


Students must be able to communicate effectively and efficiently with peers, faculty, and staff in various settings. Communication includes speaking, writing, reading, implying, and interpretation of monitoring parameters.

Sensory and Motor Coordination

Students must have motor and sensory abilities to perform laboratory and clinical functions. Sensory and motor require coordination of gross and fine movements, strength, and endurance.

Intellectual and Conceptual

Students must have the ability to absorb and process information required to complete the program. This will include critical thinking, clinical reasoning, troubleshooting, and problem solving.

Qualitative Abilities

Students are expected to be able to reason, measure, calculate, and analyze work processes and monitoring parameters.

Behavioral Attributes

Students are expected to have the capacity to develop respectful and acceptable relationships with peers, faculty, and staff at the clinical sites.