Technical and Health Standards for Medical Assistant

Every student in the Medical Assistant certificate program must possess the physical, mental, and emotional capabilities required to successfully complete the program and gain employment in the field.

Technical Standards

The prospective medical assistant student must possess sufficient strength, motor coordination, and manual dexterity to:

  • Assist patients on and off the examination table, assisting them in various positions.
  • Perform finite motor skills.
  • Move equipment, examination tables, chairs, and assist in lifting patients.
  • Walk and/or stand for extended periods of time.


The prospective medical assistant student must:

  • Possess sufficient eye/hand coordination skills related to reading charts and using medical supplies and instruments.
  • Be able to use senses (vision, hearing, smell, and touch) to recognize changes in patient conditions and needs.
  • Be able to hear, understand, and react quickly to verbal instructions and patient needs.
  • Be able to perform EKG procedures according to established standards.
  • Be able to prepare injections and perform venipunctures.
  • Be able to perform vital signs for all patients.
  • Be able to perform CPR.
  • Wear personal protective equipment (PPE) and gloves for extended periods of time.


Health Standards

The prospective medical assistant student must be able to consistently demonstrate emotional, mental, and physical health in order to:

  • Meet the demands of the position including handling stressful situations related to technical and procedural standards and patient care situations.
  • Exhibit social skills necessary to interact effectively and respectfully with patients, families, supervisors, and coworkers of the same or different cultures.
  • Maintain composure while managing multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Maintain personal hygiene consistent with close personal contact associated with patient care.
  • Carry out all assigned duties.


Communication Standards

The prospective medical assistant student must demonstrate effective communication skills in order to:

  • Communicate clearly in English with patients, family members, and medical staff.
  • Elicit accurate information from patients, family members, and medical staff.
  • Utilize professional medical terms when documenting a patient’s electronic health record.

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