AIMS Student Library

AIMS Student Library


The school has a diverse collection of print material and educational media including textbooks, reference books, journals, study guides, CDs, DVDs, and videos that are designed to support and enhance the learning experience students receive at AIMS. The AIMS Library will give students the opportunity to expand on the knowledge they learn in class, and it will serve as an important resource for all current and future AIMS students. It will also be a great resource for students who are preparing to take registry/certification examinations.


The mission of the AIMS Education Library is to identify, organize, and preserve valuable resources for the benefit of our students, faculty, and staff. In addition to creating a balanced collection of resources, it is also the mission of the library to provide an educational environment designed for reading, learning, and research.


  • To enhance the knowledge base of students
  • To promote and strengthen the literacy skills of students
  • To establish a collection of resources that can be used to support the educational endeavors of students
  • To provide resources to faculty which will assist in their teaching, planning and development of curricula.
  • To provide resources to staff which will assist in their departmental responsibilities


Library Rules

The AIMS Student Library is only available to students who are currently enrolled and attending classes. Access to the library is no longer available once a student graduates. Graduates who would like to continue to use the library’s resources will be required to pay a $75 refundable deposit.


Students are required to sign items out of the library at the time of borrowing and sign them back in when being returned. Students are not allowed to mark or deface the books/media in any way. All items should be returned in the same condition as when they were borrowed. Any items that are returned damaged will result in damaged book/media fees. This charge will depend on the extent of the damage and will be determined by the school administration. Additional consequences may be necessary depending on the circumstances.

Students should not circulate books or media amongst their friends without explicit permission from the school administration. All books and media borrowed from the library are the sole responsibility of the student who signed them out!

Late/Damage Fees

Students are only permitted to borrow two books at a time. Media items cannot be taken off the school premises. Most items from the library can be borrowed for a maximum of seven days. Certain items (e.g. exam review guides) may have shorter loan periods. Students who fail to return borrowed items on time will be subject to late fees. There will be a late fee of $5 per day for the first seven days, and then $10 per day for each additional day. The late fees will continue to accrue until the cost to replace the missing item (including administrative fees) has been covered.

Students who fail to return items from the library or pay the required late fees will not be allowed to graduate. A Certificate of Program Completion will only be issued to students who have clearance of all library transactions.

Library Hours

Monday to Friday 9am - 7pm
Saturday 9am - 2pm


The main library is located on the third floor of the Piscataway Campus. There is also a resource center available at the Edison Center. 


Library Administrator - Sunil Desai
908-222-0002 ext. 341

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