Guidelines for Tests

These guidelines will not be altered for any reason unless prior notification is provided by the school administration. The guidelines below, unless otherwise stated, are standard throughout all programs at AIMS Education.

Students will be graded based on the following guidelines for quizzes, midterms, final exams, and overall performance.


  • 10% of your total module grade will be based on your quizzes.
  • There are no retakes for quizzes.
  • The number of quizzes in a module is at the discretion of the instructor.



  • 35% of your total module grade will be based on your midterm exam.
  • There are no retakes for midterms.


Final Exam

  • 50% of your total module grade will be based on your final exam.
  • Upon failing or non-appearance, students must retake the final exam within a week of the results. Retakes will be given if you failed the original test or you were absent for the test for any reason. Please notify the instructor and the Academics Department in advance if you are unable to appear for the final exam on the announced date. The maximum grade a student can earn on a retake is 75%.
  • If a student fails the retake he/she may have to withdraw from the program. In the case of withdrawal, any refunds will be based on the school’s tuition refund policy. Repetition of the module, for an extra fee, may be permitted by the Academics Department and the Program Director on a case-by-case basis. Only one repetition of a module is allowed in the entire program period. Please consult the Academic Standing Policy for more information.


Overall Performance

  • 5% of your total grade will be based on your overall performance in the class.
  • Your performance grade is based on your behavior, professionalism (e.g. wearing a clean uniform), participating in class activities (e.g. volunteering for other students), and your attitude towards instructors, school administrators, and other students.


Clinical Exit Exam

Students enrolled in a program that includes a clinical internship are required to take a comprehensive clinical exit exam. The purpose of the exam is to measure the student’s overall skills in their chosen profession. This exam is mandatory and will be given prior to students entering the clinical internship phase of the program. A passing grade on the exit exam, as per clinical standards, is a mandatory requirement for a student to start the internship.

If a student fails the exit exam on the first attempt, the student will be given a review by their instructor followed by a second attempt on the exit exam. If a student fails the second attempt of the exit exam, the student will be provided (at his/her own expense) an academic plan of 5 to 15 hours of tutoring followed by another retake. If the student fails the third attempt, the student will not be able to continue further in the program. Please refer to the Program Director of each respective program for more detailed information.

Academic Requirements for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS)

Students enrolled in the DMS program will be required to complete the 400 hour Pre-Diagnostic Course Track (Level 1) prior to beginning the Major Diagnostic Course Track. Level 1 will consist of preliminary courses in Medical Terminology, Cardiac Pathology, Cross-Sectional Anatomy and Pathophysiology, Patient Care, Law and Ethics, Safety, and Understanding Healthcare. Students who complete Level 1 with a cumulative GPA (CGPA) of 3.0 will be allowed to progress to the Major Diagnostic Course Track (Level 2) of the program.

Students who fail to achieve the required CGPA of 3.0 will be asked to withdraw from the DMS program. Those who are asked to withdraw have the right to appeal the decision. The appeal will be decided by the DMS Program Director. Students may also be given the option of transferring or enrolling in a new program.

General Policies for all Programs

  • Failure to appear for a quiz, midterm, or final exam (either didactic, practical, or clinical) on the scheduled date will result in a grade of zero.
  • All retake exams will be different from the original exam.
  • If you are caught cheating you will receive a zero on that particular exam.
  • A minimum grade of 75% (Equivalent to the letter grade C or a 2.0) is required to pass each course/module (excluding the internship); a grade of 80% is required to pass the internship component.
  • In order to receive a passing grade on the final exam for a module, students must pass both the theory and practical final exams.
  • Students must pass the final exam to pass the module.
  • Practical or clinical exam retakes are subject to the standard exam retake policy. The maximum grade a student can earn on a clinical/practical exam retake is 75%.
  • If a student fails the clinical exit exam on both given attempts, he/she may be terminated from the program.
  • A failed repeat module may result in the student’s termination from their program of study.


* Please be advised that the final grade calculation for courses that include a lab component will vary according to the specific lab percentage breakdown. More detailed information is provided in the course syllabi.

Notes: If a student misses a quiz, midterm, or final exam due to a medical emergency, military obligation, or an unexpected loss of a family member, he/she may be eligible to take the exam without being subject to the standard retake policy. The student must submit a written appeal, including evidence, to the Academics Department. A decision will be made based on the reason for the absence and the evidence provided. All decisions by the Academics Department are final.

In consultation with the instructor, program director, and the Academics Department, students who are failing a module, but pass the final exam, may pass the module if all other course work has been completed satisfactorily.


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