Grading Policy

The grading policy below, unless otherwise stated, is standard throughout all programs at AIMS Education. Grades and grade points represent the final measure of a student’s performance in a course. A grade is issued for each course attempted. For all programs offered at AIMS Education the grading system is as follows:

Letter Grade Grade Value Description Percentage
A+ 4.0 Excellent 98-100%
A 4.0 Excellent 94-97%
A- 3.7 Very Good 90-93%
B+ 3.3 Very Good 87-89%
B 3.0 Good 83-86%
B- 2.5 Above Average 80-82%
C 2.0 Satisfactory 75-79%
F 0.0 Failing Below 75%


*Grading requirements for the clinical internship are different. Students must achieve a minimum passing grade of 80%.

Special Requirement for DMS, MRI, CVT, and DCS

Students enrolled in the DMS program, and students who enrolled in MRI, CVT, and DCS after May 1, 2018, are required to complete all pre-diagnostic courses with a cumulative GPA (CGPA) of 3.0 in order to progress to the major diagnostic course track of the program.

Students who enroll in the ST program on April 29, 2019 or later are required to complete the courses listed below with a 3.0 cumulative GPA (CGPA) in order to progress in the program.

ALH 101 – Medical Terminology
BIO 104 – Anatomy & Physiology
BIO 202 – Applied Surgical Anatomy
SRG 220 – Surgical Technology I

Students who fail to achieve the required CGPA of 3.0 in required courses, will be asked to withdraw from their respective program. Those students who are asked to withdraw have the right to appeal the decision with the program director. During the appeal process, the student may continue in the program. The appeal process and final determination by the program director will not exceed 14 days from the end of the last pre-diagnostic module, or the end of SRG 220 for Surgical Technologist students. Students will also be given the option of transferring or enrolling in a new program.