Program Goals and Outcomes for Diagnostic Medical Sonography

The goals and learning outcomes for the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program are divided into the following categories:

  • Patient Care (Affective)
  • Professional Development (Behavioral)
  • Clinical Proficiency (Cognitive)


At a minimum, students will be evaluated in the ABCs – affective, behavioral and cognitive skills – on a quarterly basis. In addition, these domains will be evaluated in a comprehensive professional growth evaluation. The analysis, performed by the clinical staff, will be cumulative and representative of all cohorts. A benchmark of 90 (A-) will be expected in each of the categories.

DMS Program Outcome Chart

Below are the program outcomes for students who enrolled in the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program at AIMS Education. These outcomes are based on our 2018 Annual Report submitted to JRC-DMS in December 2019. The 2018 Annual Report covers the period from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019. For further clarification regarding the numbers below, please contact the admissions department at 908-222-0002.

Retention Rate

Number of Students Admitted 38
Number of Students Retained 31
Retention Rate 82%


Credential Success Rate

Examination Students Taking
Students Earning
ARDMS Credential
Credential Success Rate for AIMS graduates
Abdomen 8 8 100%
OB/GYN 26 25 96%


Job Placement Rate

Number of Graduates 31
Number of Graduates with Verified Employment at the Reporting Deadline 26
Job Placement Rate 84%


*The program outcomes listed above have been provided for the purpose of meeting certain accreditation requirements. These placement rates are not being used as a marketing tool or for recruitment purposes. Past results are no guarantee of future results.