Community Support Services

Counseling and Support

Local government and community organizations provide counseling and support services to community members in need. This page serves as a reference to students in need of help or support.

NJ Department of Human Services

Hotlines and information helplines related to substance abuse, mental health, child care, disabilities, domestic violence, food stamps, gambling addiction, family help, child abuse, etc.

National Alliance of Mental Illness

Important hotlines and helplines related to suicide prevention, child abuse/neglect, family help, child care, disabilities, domestic violence, addictions, affordable housing, veterans, etc.

NJ Department of Children and Families 

DCF hotlines and helplines related to child abuse/neglect, family help, infant protection, domestic violence, sexual assault, discrimination, adoption, etc.

Coordinated Family Care

Behavioral and mental health support services available in New Jersey. Some of these services are provided by non-profit community organizations, but others require payment or health insurance.