Cardiac Monitor Technician

Cardiac Monitor Technician
Cardiac Monitor Technician Training Details

Cardiac monitor technicians are allied health professionals who are trained to perform and/or monitor various diagnostic procedures at the request of a physician. The results of these procedures are used in the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of patients suffering from cardiac diseases. Cardiac monitor technicians are also sometimes referred to as cardiographic or cardiac technicians.

This program offers an advanced form of EKG technician training, which includes training in resting EKGs, stress testing, ambulatory monitoring, and rhythm analysis. Students will learn how to perform 12-Lead and 15-Lead EKGs, monitor EKG machines, and interpret EKG/ECG readouts. In addition, the curriculum covers cardiac anatomy & physiology, vital signs, patient care, and patient safety. Upon completion of this program, graduates will be prepared to take the CCT and CRAT certification exams offered by Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI).

Clinical Internship

The Cardiac Monitor Technician program requires students to complete a mandatory 80-hour clinical internship. Students will be placed at a clinical site by the AIMS Internship Department. The internship is designed to provide practical training in a real work environment; students will have a mentor who trains and guides them. Students are not permitted to begin the internship until all required classroom and lab hours are completed.

AIMS Education has clinical affiliations with numerous healthcare facilities throughout New Jersey and the surrounding areas. Students will be placed at one or more of these affiliated sites and must complete their clinical hours based on the schedule provided by the school. Internship schedules are based on the availability of clinical sites. All students (Day and Evening) must be prepared to complete their internship during normal business hours (Monday through Friday). The majority of clinical sites do not allow students to complete clinical hours in the evening or on the weekend.

Employment for Cardiac Monitor Technicians

The employment opportunities and job growth for this career are considered strong. Due to the aging baby boomer population, the healthcare industry in general is expected to see a considerable increase in growth over the next decade.

As the population continues to age, the rate of heart disease will become more prevalent and the demand for cardiac monitor technicians is expected to grow. Graduates of this program can seek employment in hospitals, physicians’ offices, nursing homes, ambulatory care centers, and cardiologists’ offices.

Certification / Registry Exam Eligibility

CMT graduates are eligible to take the Certified Cardiographic Technician (CCT) exam and the Certified Rhythm Analysis Technician (CRAT) exam offered by CCI. Graduates who pass the CCT exam will earn the Certified Cardiographic Technician credential, and those who pass the CRAT exam will earn the Certified Rhythm Analysis Technician credential.

Eligibility requirements for the credentials listed above are solely determined by CCI, and are subject to change at any time. CCI is an independent organization. AIMS does not guarantee certification/registry exam eligibility.

Program Length
  • 200 clock hours
  • Classroom instruction and lab - 120 hours
  • Clinical internship - 80 hours
  • The day program can be completed in approximately 3 months.
  • The evening program can be completed in approximately 4 months.
  • The weekend program can be completed in approximately 6 months.
Comprehensive Education and Training
  • Perform Resting EKG/ECG
  • Interpret EKG/ECG Results
  • Stress Test Techniques
  • Cardiac Rhythm Analysis
  • Ambulatory Monitoring
  • Telemetry
  • Vital Signs
Employment Opportunities
  • Cardiac Monitor Technician
  • Telemetry Technician
  • EKG/ECG Technician
  • Cardiac Stress Technician
  • Cardiac Device Technician
  • Cardiology Technician
Minimum Admission Requirements
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Passing score on the Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam (administered at AIMS)

Key Information



Start Dates


May 13, 2020 (Day)
May 23, 2020 (Sat)
Jun 10, 2020 (Eve)


3 - 6 Months*



Monday - Friday
9:00am to 2:00pm
5:30pm to 9:30pm

9:00am to 4:00pm



Other Financial Assistance


* Weekend and evening programs take longer to complete than day programs.

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