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13 Peer-Reviewed Reasons to Date a Cardiologist

Cheeky jokes about cardiologists

Like the rising of the sun or your annual checkup (okay, perhaps a bit less like your “annual” checkup), Valentine’s Day had made its inevitable return yet again. Men and women around the world are being faced with tough questions:

  • “How can the office celebrate Valentine’s Day and Black History Month at the same time?”
  • “Whatever happened to my Christmas bonus?”
  • “Who should I give my heart to for Valentine’s Day?”

Well, we can at least answer one of those questions: you should give you heart to a cardiologist. A who? A heart doctor stupid, a heart doctor.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s examine these peer-reviewed reasons why.

1. They know how to mend a broken heart.

cardiologist joke

2. They have critical technical skills.

Certified Cardiographic Technician joke

3. They know what a heart looks like.

medical cardiologist joke

4. They love exercise in all its forms.

cardiologist exercise joke

5. They know how important a glass of red wine is.

wine drinking medical joke

6. They have highly specialized knowledge.

cardiology joke

7. They know how to talk dirty.

Cardiovascular Technologist joke

8. They’ll always fit you into their schedule.

medical cardiologist joke

9. They’ll never break YOUR heart.

medical joke

10. They’re ready to be a hero.

medical hero joke

11. They know how to impress a lady.

Certified Cardiographic Technician joke

12. They know how to use a defibrillator.

Cardiovascular Technologist joke

13. They’re just plain awesome.

Cardiovascular Technologist joke

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