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24 Awesome Reasons to Become Surgical Tech

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Surgical technologists (also known as operating room technicians or scrub techs) are a crucial part of the operating team. They work alongside surgeons and nurses in the operating room, making sure that patients are prepared for surgery and each piece of equipment is sterilized and working perfectly when the surgical team asks for it.

Surgical techs will also stand in as an extra pair of hands if the need arises. So why is being a surgical tech so great? We’ve compiled a list of 24 reasons of why you should consider signing up for a surgical tech training program! Continue Reading…

Answered: How to Become an MRI Tech

Answered: How to Become an MRI Tech

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MRI technologists (also called technicians or techs) are an integral part of the growing allied health industry. MRI techs prepare and position patients for MRI procedures, and gather images of the insides of patients’ bodies by using a computerized MRI scanner.

MRI techs are also expected to speak with and even calm down patients, as an MRI can be a stressful procedure. Once the 3D images are ready for analysis, radiologists or physicians will assess them to develop diagnoses.

The demand for these allied health professionals has never been higher, and there’s never been a better time to get involved in the industry. But how can you become an MRI tech? Continue Reading…

Job Outlook & Salary: Certified Cardiographic Technician

Occupational Guide: Certified Cardiographic Technician

Choosing a career can be difficult. Entering a career in the medical field can bring a lot of uncertainty. There are many factors involved from flexibility to salary.

You may also be worried about whether or not the job you choose is in demand or if entry into the position is difficult. If you’re in search of excitement, flexibility, and plenty of open positions, then look no further!

A career as a certified cardiographic technician (CCT), ticks all of those boxes and more.

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Are Medical Billing and Medical Coding the Same?

Are Medical Billing and Medical Coding the Same?

Medical billing and coding: Just what is it, and what do the specialists in these jobs do each day?

Though they may be found more behind the scenes than physicians and nurses, medical billing and coding specialists are enormously important members of the allied health team. They often work closely together as the liaison between patients, physicians and insurance companies.

Without billing and coding specialists, health care providers would be inaccurately reimbursed for services rendered. These inaccuracies can affect hospitals, doctors, and healthcare providers with finesand even lawsuits. Medical billing and coding specialists are essential to keeping these unnecessary costs at a minimum, and must have an unbelievable eye for detail. Continue Reading…

Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer Salary and Career Opportunities


Allied health is one of the most lucrative sectors in the United States today, and hugely appealing for people looking to start a solid, secure career. Even better, it offers many well-paying employment opportunities throughout the country without the exorbitant medical school bills. Diagnostic cardiac sonography is one of the fastest-growing careers in the field.

With the Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting job growth of 22% over the next decade for cardiac sonographers, and an average salary of nearly $60,000, there’s never been a better time to get involved in this career. Let’s take a closer look at the opportunities for diagnostic cardiac sonographers available throughout the United States. Continue Reading…

Best Surgical Technologist Career Opportunities in the US

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It’s not surprising that so many people are choosing careers as surgical technologists today. With excellent job prospects, solid salaries and the adrenaline rush that comes with saving lives every day, surgical technology allows you to get into the fast-paced world of surgery without the long years of medical school required to become a surgeon.
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How to Find a Job as a Pharmacy Tech


Pharmacists are widely considered to be at the heart of pharmacies, dispensing medications prescribed by health practitioners, making sure those medications are suitable for patients, and advising patients on how to take them. Pharmacy technicians support pharmacists and ensure that the pharmacy runs smoothly. Without their help, pharmacies just wouldn’t function.

The demand for pharmacy technicians is set to rise 9% by 2024 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. So there are excellent job opportunities for pharmacy techs with all levels of training and credentials. Continue Reading…

Everything You Need to Know About Neurodiagnostic Tech Salary and Jobs

Everything You Need to Know About Neurodiagnostic Technologist Salaries and Jobs

When you think about career choices are brain waves on your mind? If you love technology and the inner-workings of the human brain, a career in neurodiagnostic technology might be your future path.

In this fascinating career, neurodiagnostic technologists are at the forefront of contemporary medicine, working with the latest diagnostic equipment to read and study the brain, as well as nervous system activity.

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Why Cardiovascular Techs Are in High Demand

Why Cardiovascular Techs Are in High Demand

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Cardiovascular technologists are integral members of the medical team. Using state-of-the-art technologies, cardiovascular techs use EKG machines to analyze heart function and ultrasounds to detect defects like arrhythmia, blockages, blood clots, and congenital heart disease in patients of all ages. Their findings can mean the difference between life and death.

Registered cardiovascular technologists usually perform electrocardiograms and other non-invasive testing under the supervision of a doctor. More experienced cardiovascular techs may be depended upon to perform a wide variety of diagnostic testing, including more invasive procedures like cardiac catheterization procedures. Continue Reading…

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