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13 Killer Healthcare Halloween Costume Ideas

Healthcare Halloween Costume Ideas

josephbergen / Flickr / CC BY-NC-ND

If you’re a nurse powering through a night shift, looking like a zombie is already second nature to you. But at Halloween, simply looking exhausted won’t cut it. Expectations for healthcare professionals are high.

Whether you’re a Halloween champ and need to maintain your image, or you’ve been a bit lackluster in years past and need to step up your game, here are 13 unique Halloween costumes every healthcare professional needs. This is your time, no matter if you dream of being an actual zombie or your favorite TV doctor.

1. Dr. John Thackery

If you’re a healthcare nerd and not watching The Knick, then I really don’t know what to say to you. But if you are, why not bust out the cocaine and other opiates (probably best to leave the real thing at home and find yourself a fake syringe and a “bottle of cocaine” and an “opium pipe”) and dive into everyone’s favorite troubled early-20th-century doctor.

The best Halloween costumes let you play a little, so here you can enjoy being a bit of a know-it-all and possibly taking a moment out of your favorite Halloween part to attempt surgery on yourself. The options are limitless, so have some fun. Also, if you’re looking for a sexy men’s Halloween costume, remember you’ll look quite dapper in that tie.

2. One of the Four Humors

While we’re in the realm of history, why not go all the way – that is, all the way back to ancient Greece. The Four Humors were blood, phlegm, yellow bile, and black bile. The balance between these elements was believed to be the cause of sickness. Each had a vital role in making the body run.

This is a costume for the more creative of you. Try to be blood: moist, nourishing, vital for growth and nutrition of the body. Or, you could go for yellow bile, that mysterious and rarely-used substance stored in the gall bladder. Or just go for being all four. If that sounds too tricky, you can just opt for a toga and attempt to diagnose your fellow partygoers using these methods.

3. Why Not Try a Minion Doctor Costume?

goingonsix / Flickr / CC BY-NC-ND

Because, let’s face it, this is what you feel like most days at work. Why not make it official? You can finally let slip how you really feel about listening to your superiors all day while having a little bit of fun in the process. Best of all, you can add a healthcare twist by being a doctor minion. But really, you’re a minion, so just enjoy yourself and keep it lighthearted.

4. A Civil War Surgeon

Going with history again, this costume allows you to combine some of those bloody rags you’ve got left over from scary costumes of previous years and repurpose them a bit. Good news is, some surgeons wore military uniforms, while others went with mid-19th-century gentleman’s clothes, so you’ve got options.

Either way, aside from the blood-soaked apron, you’re sure to look darned handsome, particularly if you’ve got some facial hair to sculpt in proper Civil War era fashion. Just don’t forget to bring a large saw!

5. A Cup of Coffee

What keeps every healthcare worker functioning? Why, this magical brown substance of course! And if anyone gives you any attitude about your customer choice, just remind them that the World Health Organization says coffee is good for you. So really, you’re dressing up as a life-saving medical breakthrough. Whoever said laughter was the best medicine? Certainly not this sleepy healthcare professional.

6. WebMD

Why not try hitting Halloween as everyone’s favorite source of valuable information for the best-informed patients? You’ve got a few options here: There’s the classic website as a costume, à la Facebook. Then there’s the slightly darker version, where you combine this with little note cards telling everyone they have some terrible disease.

You could even turn it into a game: List the symptoms and have people guess the top results, Family Feud style. If you’re a bit more crafty, you could even have people peel off the answers from your costume itself. Just make sure your friends are okay being jokingly told they all have cancer. Because it’s always cancer, isn’t it?

7. A Generic TV Doctor

Okay, we’ve all had more than our fair share of laughs at the expense of less-than-accurate TV doctors. Like claiming that annual checkups save lives. Now’s your time to get a little light-hearted revenge. While you can obviously choose a specific doctor (like our friend Dr. John Thackery above), you might also just go 100% generic.

So bring it all: The spotless uniform, the big smile, the generic phrases; now’s the time to just ham it up. Plus, if you catch a certain Dr. Thackery performing surgery on himself, you can always step in to help. Remember, you may not technically be a doctor, but you sure can play the hell out of one on TV.

8. Hillarycare

cornstalker / Flickr / CC BY-ND

If you’re okay being a bit political, this could be fun. For anyone under 30, Hillarycare was an aborted attempt at universal healthcare from the ’90s, led by none other than Mrs. Clinton herself. Essentially, it was a monster of a bill at more than 1,000 pages. My suggestion here is to cover yourself in pages of dense, unreadable legal text and head for the party.

If you’re looking for a costume idea for a couple, your significant other can always make things bipartisan by going as Donald Trump’s healthcare plan. A blank white sheet would be appropriate. Or, better yet, if your special someone can’t make it, just say they’ve come as Trump’s plan.

9. A Taste of Your Own Medicine

Are you a handful around the hospital? Would a bit of self-deprecating humor likely endear you to your exasperated colleagues? Have I got a costume for you! A taste of your own medicine can be really anything. Do you like playing jokes on friends? Then you can slather yourself in something sticky and go as the victim of a joke.

Or you can go another direction and dress up as, say, a bottle of pills. Either way, just tell everyone you’re a taste of your own medicine and remember to look remorseful.

10. Homeopathy

Brian Indrelunas / Flickr / CC BY-NC

Ever wanted to have a Halloween costume that used to be a Halloween costume but was diluted until it wasn’t, and yet somehow contains elements of the original costume? Probably not, at least until now. But this is a perfect unique Halloween costume for the lazy among us. In essence, you can just wear normal clothes and claim that they used to be a costume.

Now if that set of normal clothes just happens to, say, contain a fan t-shirt from the band Placebo, then all the better. Really, this is a snark lover’s perfect costume, so enjoy.

11. A Co-Worker

If you were a fan of the show The Office, you no doubt remember Jim’s classic pranks played on Dwight. One of the best was just pure imitation (the sincerest form of flattery, if you’ll recall). This one is easy and just too fun. Start by picking your co-worker with the most hyperbolic personality.

Then, go out to recreate a classic outfit of theirs (bonus points if you can spend less than $11). Lastly, just sit down and think about each personality trait you could emulate and give them each a bit of practice. Now it’s time to hit that Halloween party and see who notices.

12. A Glass of Water

Everyone’s favorite “miracle drug” of the past decade probably isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of a laugh about it. You can dress in blue or grey and wrap yourself in cling wrap and then, when anyone asks you what you are just remind them that you’re a life-saving miracle drug and see who can guess it.

Or, alternatively, you can just show up soaking wet. This one might work well for anyone who enjoys doing these things at the very last moment (or if it’s raining the night of the party).

13. A Robot: The Future of Medicine

jenkinson2455 / Flickr / CC BY-NC

Did you recently move? Do you have mountains of small boxes laying around? Then why not go to your Halloween party as the future of medicine: a robot. For an added bit of humor, you can go for an old-school Lost in Space B-9 kind of look.

Share Your Favorite Healthcare Halloween Costumes

Did your costume last year absolutely kill (pardon the pun) at the hospital Halloween get-together? Or do you have an amazing costume idea that you can’t quite pull off? Share it here – healthcare workers are already awesome, so we might as well have the best costumes while we’re at it.

Still trying to decide? We’ve got more great ideas in our 26 Trending Halloween Costume Ideas, so give it a look.

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