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12 Fantastic Christmas Gifts for Healthcare Professionals

12 Great Christmas Gifts for Healthcare Professionals

The holidays are a joyous time – aside from the frantic search for unique Christmas gifts for the people you care about most. The stress and pressure can turn anyone into a Grinch. This is particularly true for those medical professionals in your life. You know how hard they work every day. More than anyone, they really deserve an extra cool Christmas gift.

So here’s our ultimate list with 12 great gifts for healthcare professionals from Doctors and Nurses to Phlebotomists and Medical Assistants.


What do you get the doctor who has everything? That’s the question. Fortunately, there are some great Christmas gifts almost any doctor will absolutely love.

Audible Membership

We all know how busy doctors are. That means less time to read, whether it’s the latest book on medical breakthroughs or just a fun novel. Audiobooks are a great solution, offering flexibility and a more relaxed way to get your reading done.

A Custom Bobblehead

A Custom Bobblehead

This one is a bit weird but in an amazing way. If you want to get your favorite doctor a gift you can be certain is 100% fresh and unique, a custom bobblehead is about as unique as you can get.

With this service, you just have to upload a photo so the professionals can create a bobblehead that looks exactly like that special doctor in your life.


As if it even needs to be said, nearly every doctor really deserves a vacation. Whether it’s a trip somewhere exotic or just a weekend away at a B&B, some time to relax and unwind can do wonders for any overworked healthcare professional.


Every nurse has probably gotten a gift basket or two, but they really deserve something more special. Whether it’s something fun and playful or seriously relaxing, you’ve got some great options for a unique Christmas gift.

Get Crafty

The good news is that sites like Etsy are crammed full of fantastic unique gifts for nurses. From custom stethoscope ID tags to an anatomical brain pillow, there’s plenty here that any nurse would love.

A Trip to the Spa

If the vacation option mentioned above for doctors is a bit out of your price range, a spa trip makes a great Christmas gift for men or women. If the nurse in your life is a particularly close friend or loved one, you can even join them. It’s a win-win.

A Better Coffee Maker

Seriously, can we start a national conversation about the quality of our coffee? That old workhorse in the break room probably just isn’t cutting it anymore. It’s time to step it up. Luckily, there are more and more amazing coffee tools out there. Best of all, if you’re looking at a coffee maker as a Christmas gift for coworkers, it’s the gift that keeps on giving for everyone – yourself included.


Anyone who knows a phlebotomist knows there’s no one quite like them. From drawing blood to working with lab results, they do it all. Sometimes, though, they just need a little break. That’s where awesome Christmas gifts come in.

A Vampire Movie Marathon

A Vampire Movie Marathon / Flickr / CC BY

Know a phlebotomist with a sense of humor? Why not organize an epic vampire movie marathon for them? Quirky blood themed drinks and food are also worth considering. Just saying.

Custom Phlebotomy Shwag

Is the phlebotomist you know super proud of their work? They should be, so why not let them say it loud and proud. There are tons of options for custom shirts, hoodies, stickers, and more here: how about a “Professional Vampire” bumper sticker for their car?

A Great Pair of Headphones

Let’s face it, most of us use the cheap headphones that come with our phones. But a great pair of wireless headphones can make those long days or early morning runs all the more enjoyable.

Medical Assistants

Let’s face it, every hospital and practice is built on the incredible work medical assistants do every day. Here are a few Christmas gift ideas you can use to say thanks.

A Beautiful Bonsai

A Beautiful Bonsai

Sometimes on the most hectic of work days, you just need a little bit of nature to keep you calm and centered. Medical assistants are no different. These beautiful bonsai trees can help bring a little green and relaxation to any workplace.

A Blue Apron Subscription

So many medical professionals face the problem of deciding between expensive and unhealthy takeout. There aren’t too many other options when you don’t have time to cook. Blue Apron is a service designed to make cooking healthy meals at home easier.

A Wake-up Light

So many healthcare professionals of all kinds have to work crazy hours. Chances are, none of them much like their alarm clock. Why not get them a better way to wake up? This wake-up light is designed to help you gradually wake up without feeling quite so groggy.

Got Your Own Ideas?

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