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Best MRI Technologist Career Opportunities in the US

Why should you consider an allied health career as an MRI technologist? Well, with annual salaries that fall well above the average American income – and excellent job growth in nearly every state – there are fantastic career prospects around the country. For people looking to start a new career as an MRI technologist, the […]

How Can I Become an MRI Tech?

MRI technologists are an integral part of the booming allied health industry. Responsible for preparing and positioning patients for MRI procedures, these techs then gather images of their patients’ internal structures by using a computerized MRI scanner. MRI techs are also expected to speak with and calm nervous patients, as this medical procedure may be […]

10 Healthcare Certifications You Can Get in 2 Years or Less

Thinking about starting an allied health career? Over the last decade, healthcare certificate programs have become a popular alternative to degrees due to their affordability, shorter study times, and schedule flexibility. Many allied health careers can be started in less than two years, and are convenient options for people who are considering a career change […]

The Top 5 Stress-Free Healthcare Jobs

Anyone joining the allied health sector knows how unhealthy stress can be (surgical techs, we’re looking at you!), and yet it’s often viewed as “a way of life.” It doesn’t have to be that way! Before you enroll in an allied health school, take the time to consider how stressful working life might be when […]

Occupational Guide: Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Career

The allied health sector is appealing for people looking to start a new career – and for good reason. Dynamic and growing by leaps and bounds, there are great opportunities for well-paying jobs throughout the healthcare field – and it doesn’t require years of medical school! Whether you’re new to the field or looking for […]

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