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Medical Technology

US vs Canadian Healthcare: What Are the Differences?

Here in the US, we often get a bit caught up in the healthcare debate. The media often suggests that our neighbors, the Canadians, have better healthcare than we do. However, a side-by-side comparison will show that each system has its pros and cons. As soon-to-be or current allied health professionals, you’re probably very interested […]

How Snapchat Surgeons Transform the Industry’s Image

Snapchat is the fastest growing social network for teenagers and millennials. In fact, experts believe that one in five Americans used Snapchat during 2016. Medical professionals, especially plastic surgeons, have jumped on this trend, and have found a niche on Snapchat among viewers who want to check out graphic surgical content. But while there are […]

The Top 3 Healthcare Advancements of the Year

Key advancements in healthcare might not always be obvious, but right now, they’re set to completely transform the industry within a few years. All three of these improvements in medical technology and practices are transitioning from the early stages of testing and coordination into the later stages when they’ll transform healthcare. If you have even […]

AIMS Faculty Member Invited to Present at MRI Conference

Frank Atoria, one of the newest additions to the AIMS faculty, was recently invited to speak at the MRI Safety & Protocol Optimization Conference taking place October 17th through October 19th in Las Vegas, Nevada. Over the course of three days, presenters will provide in-depth technical and clinical information on improving/developing imaging protocols for performing […]

9 Popular Healthcare YouTube Channels

If you want to find out which are the best healthcare YouTube channels to grow your knowledge or fuel your professional interests, don’t start a search from scratch. We’ve saved you the work. You want to know who’s watching who. Which YouTube channel gets the most hits? Which are the most popular channels where your colleagues hang […]

How Has Technology Changed Healthcare?

Technology in healthcare today is improving dramatically in response to the collection of massive amounts of data on patients and the world they live in. If you’re not paying attention, now’s the time to check in and learn more about this important trend. Otherwise, you risk missing out on all this trend has to offer. The […]

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