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Pharmacy Technician

22 Reasons to Become a Pharmacy Tech

Pharmacy technicians (also known as pharmacy techs) are an integral part of any pharmacy team. You’ve probably already seen these allied healthcare professionals working alongside pharmacists in retail locations, but they can also be found in hospitals and long-term care facility pharmacies. Pharmacy techs are responsible for filling prescriptions, organizing inventory, processing insurance claims/payments, and […]

Should I Consider Getting My Pharmacy Technician Certification?

So you’re fascinated by prescriptions, pills, shots, ointments, and cough syrups, and you’ve decided you want to be a pharmacy tech. What’s the first step you have to take in order to dive into this career? Do you need further training beyond high school to work as a pharmacy technician? Does it make sense to […]

Pharmacy Technician Salary & Job Prospects

Just graduated from high school and aren’t sure what to study? Are you thinking of starting an entirely new career path? Consider a rewarding career as a pharmacy technician. With dependable hours and the ability to find a position in virtually any city in the United States, this growing field is an excellent option for […]

Pharmacy Tech Salary & Career Opportunities in NJ

Researching schools and finding average salaries can be time-consuming, which is why we’ve collected the most useful, up-to-date information to help you on your journey towards a rewarding Pharmacy Tech career. Learn how one of these technicians assists pharmacists and patients before enrolling in a pharmacy tech training program.

7 Healthcare Certificate Programs That Pay Well in New Jersey

If you’ve been considering a career in the allied healthcare sector, you’ll be pleased to know that the job market has never been stronger. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the healthcare field to grow by a staggering 18% between 2016 and 2026. Allied healthcare professionals make up at least 60% of the […]

Best Pharmacy Tech Career Opportunities in the US

With more opportunities than ever, there’s never been a better time to join the allied healthcare industry as a pharmacy technician. Most training programs prepare students to join the workforce in less than a year, which means less student debt for you, and a great way to jump into an entry-level position in a very […]

Everything You Need to Know to Become a Pharmacy Technician

Congratulations! You’re planning on becoming a pharmacy technician, also known as a pharm tech. Whether you’re already working in a pharmacy or just starting out in the allied healthcare industry, you’ve chosen a remarkable career path. Now that you’ve narrowed down your decision, the next step is to enroll in a pharmacy tech training program. To […]

Start Your Allied Healthcare Career in Under a Year!

There’s an allied healthcare career for everyone, and if you’re ready to start in less than a year, there are many programs available: Find your perfect match! Are you graduating soon and looking for a great entry-level administrative position? Or are you unsatisfied with your current line of work and desiring something more interesting and […]

How to Find a Job as a Pharmacy Tech

Pharmacists are widely considered to be at the heart of pharmacies, dispensing medications prescribed by health practitioners, making sure those medications are suitable for patients, and advising patients on how to take them. Pharmacy technicians support pharmacists and ensure that the pharmacy runs smoothly. Without their help, pharmacies just wouldn’t function. The demand for pharmacy […]

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