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Neurodiagnostic Technologists

Everything You Need to Know About Neurodiagnostic Tech Salary and Jobs

When you think about career choices are brain waves on your mind? If you love technology and the inner-workings of the human brain, a career in neurodiagnostic technology might be your future path. In this fascinating career, neurodiagnostic technologists are at the forefront of contemporary medicine, working with the latest diagnostic equipment to read and […]

15 Reasons to Become a Neurodiagnostic Tech

Have you ever wanted to read someone’s mind? Neurodiagnostic technologists almost can! Neurodiagnostic technologists (also known as EEG technologists, or electroneurodiagnostic technologists), use sophisticated equipment and technology to study electrical activity within the brain. The tests they conduct are critically important in helping doctors diagnose diseases and conditions. It’s a fascinating career that melds patient […]

Neurodiagnostic Technologists: What Do They Really Do?

If you’re fascinated by new developments in modern medicine, a neurodiagnostic technologist works at the forefront. There’s a lot to discover in the field of neurodiagnostic technology. Using sophisticated equipment to record and study electrical activity in the brain and nervous system, neurodiagnostic technologists play an important role in healthcare. Find out what they do, where […]