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MRI Technologist

Answered: How to Become an MRI Tech

MRI technologists (also called technicians or techs) are an integral part of the growing allied health industry. MRI techs prepare and position patients for MRI procedures, and gather images of the insides of patients’ bodies by using a computerized MRI scanner. MRI techs are also expected to speak with and even calm down patients, as […]

Midlife Career Change? Try Allied Healthcare

The American job market is more dynamic than ever, with opportunities to find new careers even for people with decades of experience in other fields. This is particularly true in allied healthcare, with healthcare training programs offering flexible and affordable course schedules to get you into a new career within months. Just what is it […]

AIMS Faculty Member Invited to Present at MRI Conference

Frank Atoria, one of the newest additions to the AIMS faculty, was recently invited to speak at the MRI Safety & Protocol Optimization Conference taking place October 17th through October 19th in Las Vegas, Nevada. Over the course of three days, presenters will provide in-depth technical and clinical information on improving/developing imaging protocols for performing […]

Who Determines the Price of an MRI?

People are a bit crazy. But when it comes to healthcare, we all rely on the idea that everyone is behaving rationally. We certainly hope that’s true considering it’s one of the most important industries in the country. But in fact, there’s a large group of people behaving quite irrationally in American healthcare and no, it’s […]

Why These 8 Students Chose an Allied Health Career

Allied health careers may be less well known than other career paths in the field, but they’re a vital part of any hospital or clinic’s operation. For anyone considering employment opportunities in allied healthcare, it can be difficult to see your own path toward a new career. It’s even harder when you’re trying to find […]

20 Allied Health Careers in High Demand

For anyone looking into healthcare certification programs to take their career to a new level, there’s plenty of great news out there. First, the number of allied health careers with over 10% growth for the next decade is high and growing (some are even topping 30%). Next, opportunities to get certified in these fields are […]

Career Comparison: MRI Technologist vs Sonographer

Interested in modern healthcare, but not sure which way to turn? We take a look at two closely related pathways that can lead to job satisfaction for tech lovers: MRI and sonography. You typically won’t see a great difference between an MRI technologist salary and sonographer salary. In terms of work environment, the setting is generally […]

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