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Medical Assistant

Becoming a Medical Assistant: Everything You Need to Know

You want to become a medical assistant (or MA), and now you need to choose the perfect program to help you gain the skills to excel in this exciting career path. There are thousands of medical assistant training programs throughout the country, so whether you already have hands-on healthcare experience or are brand new in […]

Start Your Allied Healthcare Career in Under a Year!

There’s an allied healthcare career for everyone, and if you’re ready to start in less than a year, there are many programs available: Find your perfect match! Are you graduating soon and looking for a great entry-level administrative position? Or are you unsatisfied with your current line of work and desiring something more interesting and […]

Work in Healthcare Without a Medical Degree

We love the idea of the ivy-covered buildings and intense academic study of a college education, but let’s face it: University isn’t for everyone. With student debt at record levels and more people training for new careers later in life, people have many reasons for wanting to skip the degree to get into a career […]

Midlife Career Change? Try Allied Healthcare

The American job market is more dynamic than ever, with opportunities to find new careers even for people with decades of experience in other fields. This is particularly true in allied healthcare, with healthcare training programs offering flexible and affordable course schedules to get you into a new career within months. Just what is it […]

What is the Role of a Medical Assistant?

If you’ve ever thought about becoming a medical assistant, your first question was probably, “What exactly does a medical assistant do?” It’s a tricky question to ask because medical assistants have perhaps the most varied role in the medical field. Yes, even more than nurses. Don’t believe us? Let’s look into the details here.

How to Secure a Medical Assistant Job

Deciding on what you want to do in life is a hard enough task, but trying to figure out HOW to actually get employment in that field can seem like mission impossible. You know you’re interested in a medical assistant job, but if you’re currently studying, planning your education, or a recent graduate, you probably […]

How Recent Healthcare Trends Will Impact Medical Assistants

Straddling the worlds of clinical and administrative work, medical assistants experience changes in our healthcare system more than most. Many entering the field are wondering how the evolution of the healthcare industry will impact them. Taking a look at three major trends, it’s clear that answering the question “What do medical assistants do?” is only […]

The Top 16 Highest-Paid Allied Health Careers

Right now, allied healthcare careers are among the best positions for employment opportunities, with even more jobs coming up on the horizon. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that the “health care and social assistance sector and the professional and business services sector will account for almost half the projected job growth from 2010 […]

20 Allied Health Careers in High Demand

For anyone looking into healthcare certification programs to take their career to a new level, there’s plenty of great news out there. First, the number of allied health careers with over 10% growth for the next decade is high and growing (some are even topping 30%). Next, opportunities to get certified in these fields are […]

8 Interesting Facts about Medical Assistants

Ask yourself what you imagine a medical assistant does. You’ll be surprised how many people get it wrong. If you expect medical assistant schooling to prepare you for changing bedpans or carrying out menial administrative tasks, your impression of this role doesn’t go deep enough. The clinical medical assistant is a true chameleon of the […]

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