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IVF Technologist

Why These 8 Students Chose an Allied Health Career

Allied health careers may be less well known than other career paths in the field, but they’re a vital part of any hospital or clinic’s operation. For anyone considering employment opportunities in allied healthcare, it can be difficult to see your own path toward a new career. It’s even harder when you’re trying to find […]

10 Healthcare Certifications You Can Get in 2 Years or Less

Sydney Uni / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA Anyone looking at an allied health career has to ask themselves whether a degree or a certificate is right for them. With lower costs, more concentrated study, and greater flexibility, certificate programs are becoming very common in the industry. They’re especially convenient for those looking to make a career switch at […]

In Embryology, Your Job is Family

The embryology career path is a rewarding one; In simple terms you are helping to create families. The use of In vitro fertilization (IVF) at fertility clinics has been responsible for more than 200,000 babies since its introduction to the US in 1981. As a branch of medical science, the industry has also seen remarkable […]

IVF and the Latest Trends in Assisted Reproductive Technology

myfuture.com / Flickr / CC BY-SA Despite media reports and sensational celebrity stories that make women believe it is perfectly normal to postpone pregnancy to later in life, the reality is often different. Nowadays many educated women make a conscious decision to hold off on having children until they achieve their career goals. To many, […]