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Midlife Career Change? Try Allied Healthcare

The American job market is more dynamic than ever, with opportunities to find new careers even for people with decades of experience in other fields. This is particularly true in allied healthcare, with healthcare training programs offering flexible and affordable course schedules to get you into a new career within months. Just what is it […]

What Does “Allied Healthcare” Mean?

If you’re on the lookout for a fulfilling, well-paid career that’s in demand, you can’t escape the term “allied health.” But what does allied healthcare mean? What’s the difference between regular healthcare and allied healthcare, and what do these jobs include? Allied health includes a diverse range of professions, from physical therapists to dental hygienists […]

9 Popular Healthcare YouTube Channels

If you want to find out which are the best healthcare YouTube channels to grow your knowledge or fuel your professional interests, don’t start a search from scratch. We’ve saved you the work. You want to know who’s watching who. Which YouTube channel gets the most hits? Which are the most popular channels where your colleagues hang […]

All Essential Medical Terms in One Place

Let’s face it, there’s a mountain of medical terms to learn. Whichever area you work in, some medical words you’ll just have to understand. But nobody wants to swallow a medical dictionary to do it. Our list of the medical terms you need to know includes essential medical definitions, but helps you identify a quicker path […]

6 of the Deadliest Diseases No One Warned You About

UNMEER / Flickr / CC BY-NC-ND When the worst Ebola outbreak ever recorded hit West Africa in 2014, people all over the world started worrying. Many felt helpless in the face of such widespread devastation. Once the first case of Ebola reached American shores, citizens feared an outbreak in the US. These recent events have […]

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