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Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

What’s an Average Ultrasound Tech Salary in New Jersey?

Looking to become an ultrasound technologist in New Jersey? There’s so much to consider before starting your professional life or changing your career, so we’ve done the research for you. In this article, you’ll find all the information you need – from ultrasound tech salary expectations to job growth to certification requirements. Plus, you’ll see […]

12 Hospital Jobs That Don’t Require a Degree

Let’s face it: With crazy student loans and long training times, medical school simply isn’t for everyone. From short certifications that pay well, reliably strong job markets, and ample room for upward mobility, there are countless reasons to seek allied health jobs. The allied health sector is growing by leaps and bounds, so to get […]

10 Healthcare Certifications You Can Get in 2 Years or Less

Thinking about starting an allied health career? Over the last decade, healthcare certificate programs have become a popular alternative to degrees due to their affordability, shorter study times, and schedule flexibility. Many allied health careers can be started in less than two years, and are convenient options for people who are considering a career change […]

MRI Tech vs Ultrasound Tech: Career Comparison

Interested in an allied health career but aren’t sure which way to turn? If you’re a gadget lover who’s looking to help people, why not consider a future as an MRI tech or medical sonographer (also referred to as an ultrasound technician)? While there aren’t huge differences between MRI technologist and sonographer salaries and working […]

20 Reasons Why Being an Ultrasound Tech Rocks

Ultrasound technologists are allied health professionals that physicians rely on to take internal images and videos of patients’ bodies. Whether they use diagnostic imaging technology to monitor high-risk pregnancies, identify tumors, or determine neurological risks in patients, ultrasound techs (also known as diagnostic medical sonographers) are a hugely important member of the medical team. This […]

21 Reasons to Start a Job in Diagnostic Medical Sonography

When it comes to diagnostic medical sonography, there’s much more than meets the eye. A doctor might suspect what the patient is suffering from, but sonograms are often key in providing evidence and helping determine the final diagnosis. As a DMS tech, you’ll use diagnostic imaging technology to give the most detailed images of what’s […]

Which Is Better: A Medical Sonography Degree or Certificate?

If you’re looking to be an active part of patient treatment, why not consider the unique and rewarding career of medical sonography? From tracking the progress of a pregnancy to checking for breast cancer, the possibilities are just about limitless. For prospective medical sonographers (often referred to as ultrasound techs), there are a couple ways […]


11 Things to Know Before Becoming a Cardiac Sonographer

Training to become a diagnostic cardiac sonographer can be one of the best professional and personal decisions you make for yourself. Switching careers to work as one will allo you to help save the lives of patients while working in a constantly evolving field with a seriously bright outlook. Opting to become a cardiac sonographer […]

Where Are the Best Ultrasound Salary Opportunities in the US?

If you’re seeking a career that’s rewarding and offers daily challenges, becoming an ultrasound tech might be an excellent fit. It’s true that a position in this sector offers a great salary and a healthy job market, but what exactly awaits you after completing a medical sonography (ultrasound) training course? To get your future career […]

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