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Certified Cardiographic Technician

How to Apply for an EKG Technician Program

No matter if you’re new to the industry or you’re a allied healthcare veteran, becoming an EKG tech (also known as a cardiac monitor tech, ECG tech, and telemetry technician) provides a rewarding future with excellent employment opportunities. So how, exactly, do you get your EKG technician education? We’re glad you asked: We’ve compiled a […]

19 Reasons to Become an EKG Technician

EKG technicians are incredibly important allied healthcare team members. By using non-invasive technologies like Holter monitoring, EKG, and stress tests, health practitioners are able to accurately diagnose cardiovascular conditions, irregularities, and diseases.

Job Outlook & Salary: Certified Cardiographic Technician

Choosing any profession is difficult and brings a lot of uncertainty. You might be concerned about whether the job is in demand, or whether you can afford training. Will you have flexible scheduling or receive a high enough salary? If you’re in search of excitement, flexibility, and plenty of open positions, then a career as […]

Certified EKG Tech: Salary, Training, & Job Prospects

Are you a fan of technology and fascinated by the human heart? Joining the allied health sector as an EKG technician is an idea that’s worth considering. It doesn’t hurt that EKG tech salary and job prospects have never been better. Wondering what it’s like to work as an EKG tech? Want to learn how […]

How to Get Your Cardiac Monitor Technician Certification

After careful consideration, you’ve decided to join an allied health career as a cardiac monitor tech (also known as an EKG technician and cardiographic technician). Whether you’re already working in allied healthcare – or are just starting out in the industry – you know that you want to make a difference in the lives of […]

Start Your Allied Healthcare Career in Under a Year!

There’s an allied healthcare career for everyone, and if you’re ready to start in less than a year, there are many programs available: Find your perfect match! Are you graduating soon and looking for a great entry-level administrative position? Or are you unsatisfied with your current line of work and desiring something more interesting and […]