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The Best Places in the World to be a Healthcare Specialist

Whether you’re looking for a change after being in the healthcare field for years or you’ve finally finished your degree and are looking for your first job, it can be difficult to decide where to go next in your career. Should you stay in the United States or is your potential dream hospital overseas? Would performing pro bono work be your dream job or do you have substantial student loans to pay off first?

If you’re not certain what you should do, the following lists of the best places to be a healthcare specialist may help make up your mind.

United States

​Although the reasons vary from one location to another, there are plenty of advantages to working in the United States. From high quality hospitals with access to state of the art technology to a favorable cost of living and more, these are the best places to practice medicine today.

Indianapolis, IN

Not only does Indianapolis have a low cost of living, which is great for new graduates, but it offers the chance to practice in the Indiana University Heath System, which is ranked among the top 3% of U.S. hospitals. For the last 17 years it has been nationally ranked by U.S. News & World Report, and is one of only 59 hospitals to be ranked in four specialties. Plus, plenty of exciting medical research happens here.

Raleigh, NC

Raleigh also has a low cost of living and the lowest amount of malpractice claims paid in the U.S. In addition, it’s part of “The Research Triangle” and is home to Duke University Hospital and the University of North Carolina Hospital, both of which are nationally ranked in a variety of specialties including pediatric care, oncology, nephrology, and more.

Rochester, MN

Home to the Mayo Clinic, Rochester stays on top of cutting edge technology and research. There is very little you will not see here because patients come from all over the country to take advantage of state of the art methods and technologies. The hospital is also nationally ranked in 15 (out of 16) adult and 9 pediatric categories. Minnesota may be a bit cold for your taste, but there are few places that offer a better opportunity to learn and experience a little bit of everything.


If you’re looking for a career in healthcare which will be emotionally rewarding, your dream job could be overseas. While some locations may seem dangerous, most are completely safe. You may also be concerned that you’ll lack state of the art equipment, but that will be greatly dependent upon the location and facilities. A great benefit to working in healthcare overseas is that many people report being filled with a sense of fulfillment which they haven’t experienced anywhere else.

For working overseas, it’s even better if you’re bilingual – this will put you even more in demand as an American trained healthcare specialist that speaks the native language!


With ranging disease and malnutrition, healthcare in Sudan is stretched thin. You won’t find paradise there, but if you’re guided by highly altruistic motives, this is the place for you. This life may not appeal to all westerners, but the level of adventure and fulfillment you’ll find there can transform your life. The Red Cross is in need of people to assist with the teaching of proper cleaning and how to avoid bacteria, and they need people that can dress wounds. There is also a need for help with pre-natal care and women’s health.


Belgium is a beautiful country and it’s especially great for expats with children. The healthcare system there is considered one of the best in Europe. Despite that fact, Belgians are not generally considered healthy – the country ranks low for people participating in sports and eating a healthy diet. So there’s plenty of improvement you can be a part of.


The economy in Japan is currently experiencing some growth troubles, but the country offers great healthcare opportunities. Because Japan is a popular destination for patients from around the region, there’s a continued need for healthcare workers. You can enjoy the rich heritage of the country along with the opportunity to work within a high-tech healthcare system.

Vietnam and other parts of Asia

Vietnam is a major destination for expat healthcare workers. That’s because the lifestyle is highly affordable (especially for those with a good amount of savings), and it’s an emerging country, meaning there’s quite a lot of things to do if you’re a social butterfly. All that said, it’s also a good fit for healthcare workers interested in helping the less fortunate as Vietnam ranks low for healthcare services and children’s quality of life issues.

Some other countries that are great fits for healthcare specialists include places Malaysia, Lebanon, Ukraine, and Nepal. For further information, visit Doctors Without Borders.

Now, it is time to decide where you want to practice. Is there someplace you are interested in working? Please leave a comment below!

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