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Best MRI Technologist Career Opportunities in the US

Best MRI Technologist Career Opportunities in the US

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It’s easy to see why many people are looking into how to become an MRI technologist today. With annual salaries that are roughly 26% more than the average American salary (and up to 50% in some states), the job offers great career prospects around the country.

But for many people looking to start a new career as an MRI technologist, the question remains: Where should you go for the best career prospects? We’ve sorted through the data to find the best states and regions in terms of job prevalence and salaries.

MRI Technologist Jobs in the Northeast

The good news here is that every state in the Northeast, except for Pennsylvania, comes in the top 20 nationally in terms of average annual income. That ranges from $70,490 in New Hampshire to $82,660 in Massachusetts. All of these salaries come in well above the national median income of $53,657.

MRI Technologist Jobs in the Northeast

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The prevalence of MRI technologist positions in these states varies – New York is the lowest, with only .166 MRI technologists per 1,000 workers, while Massachusetts is the highest, with .368. If you’re considering this region, Massachusetts is the clear winner, with both the highest average income and the greatest number of positions.

New Jersey, meanwhile, is average in terms of the size of the MRI technologist field, but also has the 6th highest wages in the country.

Fortunately, the Northeast is also fairly compact relative to the other regions here. That means you can easily base yourself in a place like New Jersey for your MRI technologist training and explore job opportunities in neighboring Delaware, Maryland, New York and Pennsylvania.

Opportunities in the South

Looking at MRI technologist jobs in the south, you really see a tale of one region and the rest. In Washington DC and the states surrounding it (Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware), salaries are in the $70,000 – $85,000 range. This is understandable, considering the region is the wealthiest in the country. The rest of the south offers salaries more in the $52,000 – $68,000 range.

So if you’re after the big bucks, go for the DC area, but even in the rest of the south, MRI technologist salaries are well above average for the country as a whole.

Of course, if you want a job in highly paid DC, it will be harder to find, as the city only has 80 MRI technologists, making up just .12 of every 1,000 jobs. Most of the demand comes from states like Florida, Tennessee, and Louisiana. The best balance of demand and salaries comes from Delaware and Maryland, so those two are worth considering.

The Midwest

MRI Technologist Jobs in the Midwest

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The Midwest is fairly average in terms of average MRI technologist salaries. Salaries range from a high of $69,630 in Minnesota to a low of $55,960 in South Dakota. That puts all 12 states there in the lower 60% of MRI tech salaries nationwide.

On the other hand, states like Missouri and Michigan have huge numbers of MRI technologists working. Those states are #1 and #5 nationally, in terms of the greatest proportion of MRI technologists as part of the workforce. The rest of the region is fairly average in this respect, but if you’re looking for a good job market and decent salaries compared to the local average, Missouri and Michigan are good choices.

The West and Pacific

This region has three of the top five highest-paying states for MRI technologists: California, Hawaii, and Nevada. MRI technologists in all three states earn average annual salaries between $82,460 and $88,810, well above the national average. More rural states in the region, like Montana, Utah, Idaho and Wyoming, have only average salaries for this job, compared to the rest of the country.

Unfortunately, however, only Washington State and Arizona rank in the top 20 states in terms of the prevalence of MRI technologists in the workforce. More competition and smaller workforces in most of these states will likely make finding a job there somewhat difficult. But if you’re willing to try, those high salaries mentioned above still offer great quality of life.

Time to Consider a Career as an MRI Technologist

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Note: The data presented above was taken from the May 2015 State Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The regions used were determined by the US Census’ Regions and Divisions of the United States.

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