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9 Killer Apps and Gadgets to Make Every Healthcare Student’s Life Easier

9 Killer Apps and Gadgets to Make Every Healthcare Student's Life Easier

We live in the age of incredible technology. There are apps and tools for virtually everything you do in life. Apps are meant to make life easier and more efficient. With college back in full swing, this is a great time to look at some of the best tools for healthcare students like you.

Here we present our nine must-have gadgets and mobile apps for healthcare students this year.

#1 Tablet

Tablets are a great compromise between your smartphone and a laptop. Their size makes them convenient for travel, most have excellent battery life, and there are tons of apps that will make any college student’s life less stressful. Tablets also double as e-readers, so you’ll be able to find textbooks at low prices and read various articles and journals that will help you stay current in your field. Two of the most popular tablets available now are the Apple iPad Air and the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. A bonus that comes with the Surface is a keyboard add-on that turns the Surface into a mini-laptop. For those of you looking for a cheaper way to get the same kind of tool, there are many high-performing, budget-friendly tablets to choose from.

#2 Note-taking App

Now that you have your tablet chosen, you’re going to want to install some high-performing note-taking apps. Two of the best note-taking tools are Evernote and Google Docs. The beauty of these tools is their ability to sync-up your notes across all of your devices. If you’re in class taking notes on your tablet and get home and would like to work on your notes on your laptop, simply signing into your Google or Evernote account will give you easy access to all of your notes. Evernote has a slight advantage here, in that you can also save snippets from sites, and the big one: you can use voice recording. Save the recordings from lectures and transcribe them into notes afterwards.

#3 Smartpen

For students that prefer writing out their notes, and there are studies that show handwritten notes are better for retention, smartpens are great gadgets to invest in. While they look like a traditional pen they are able to digitize your notes and give you the ability to save the files, share them, or edit them later. Smartpens are available as traditional ink pens that use special paper (and pressure) to turn your writing into digital notes. Other types of smartpens are similar to a tablet stylus and you write on a screen to take notes. Both styles are great for taking notes and saving them as editable files, so choosing which to use comes down to your personal preferences.

That said, one of the most popular smartpens is LiveScribe, which allows you to record lectures while taking notes. It will play them back later for better note-taking and studying.

#4 MedScape App

Healthcare students need to have quick access to information within their field of study. If you need to look up something or want to research a healthcare topic, you can look to the MedScape App. This is a free, no-subscription app that is available across all the most common devices and is essential for healthcare students and workers. As students, writing papers and learning about your career field, this app will come in handy over and over again.


#5 3D4Medical Apps

This innovative app uses 3D technology to allow students to navigate the human body. Students can cut, rotate, zoom and generally see the anatomy and physiology from a superior vantage point that books and other traditional methods cannot match. There are quite a few different applications that 3D4Medical offers, but for healthcare students, the Body Systems series of apps is probably the most beneficial.

#6 Noise-cancelling headphones

The best way to focus is by having a distraction-free environment. In this day and age, that’s virtually impossible. Investing in a set of noise-cancelling headphones can give you freedom from all the chaos around you – whether you’re in the library, the local Starbucks, or sitting in your living room with the rest of your family. Noise-cancelling headphones can vary in price, from the highest-rated and expensive Bose series to a more affordable, and virtually just-as-good, Monoprice set. Either way, you’ll be able to study in quiet in almost any setting.

#7 Test Anxiety App

Do you ever suffer from test anxiety? It’s a common fear that leads to unwarranted stress. It can also hinder performance and destroy confidence. We’ve discussed some test anxiety tips before, but if you find yourself in anxiety mode before exams, check out the AnxietyBC App. Although this app is geared towards all sorts of anxiety situations, it has a specific test anxiety component. You can use this app to gain control of your breathing, learn to shift your mind to more positive thoughts, and ultimately overcome your fears and anxieties.

#8 Self-Control App

Is Facebook, Twitter or Instagram calling your name every time you sit down to write a paper, research, or do some studying? Check out the Self-Control app. This cool app blocks distracting websites so you cannot access them. You create a “blacklist” of sites you find distracting, set a timer on the app and you will be blocked from accessing your blacklisted sites for the time you’ve allotted. It’s amazing how much more work you can get done when you know you cannot visit your go-to procrastination sites. If for some reason you really need to do something on Facebook, you can restart your computer to reset the app.

#9 StudyBlue App

With all those notes you’ve been taking, you need to find an organized way of using them to study. That’s where StudyBlue comes in. This app is a collaborative note sharing and studying platform for users. You can turn your notes into flashcards, take personalized quizzes, and search through the content library for notes other people have used. You can also share your notes with your friends and fellow students.

These are just a few of the great apps and gadgets that will make your healthcare training at AIMS Education easier. What apps and tools do you use to make your education better? Let your fellow students know your favorites in the comments!

4 thoughts on “9 Killer Apps and Gadgets to Make Every Healthcare Student’s Life Easier

  • Kevin Phillips says:

    The good thing about this list is that most of these apps can be downloaded into the first option on the list, the Tablet. That small piece of technology, loaded with all these mentioned apps will produce for us some of the most intelligent, technologically advanced, healthcare students to date. A lot of these are for different kinds of note-taking, but in the medical field, all those terminologies should be stored & retrieved separately to ensure productivity.

    Thanks for this list. My wife is in nursing now & I will be sure to share with her.

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  • John Fisher says:

    Good share, tablets can be put to best use when the apps & content are best optimized using a lockdown solution like MobiLock Pro. So that users can access the selected apps by IT admin & manage the device peripheral settings right from a dashboard.

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