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Why More Men Should Go into Allied Healthcare

Why More Men Should Go into Allied Healthcare - AIMS Education It’s no secret that over the last few decades, the US job market has moved away from manufacturing to the service sector – this includes careers that might be found in the health, computer services, and retail industry. Undoubtedly, the group most affected by this shift has been working-class men who don’t hold university degrees. With millions of medical jobs for men up for grabs, healthcare has quickly become an emerging industry. So why aren’t more men taking notice?

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11 Things to Know Before Becoming an Endoscopy Tech

Things to Know Before Becoming an Endoscopy Tech - AIMS Education

Entering the allied healthcare field by training to become an endoscopy technician can be both professionally and personally rewarding. You’ll be able to assist patients with gastrointestinal issues while also working in a fast-paced and evolving profession that has an extremely promising future.

Being an endoscopy technician (also referred to as a GI technician or flexible endoscopy reprocessor) is an excellent choice for anyone looking to operate in a dynamic field. It’s also a wise career choice for those who wish to interact with patients, particularly in stressful situations. That said, here are a couple of things you should know before starting down this path.

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11 Things to Know Before Becoming a Cardiac Sonographer

Things to Know Before Becoming a Cardiac Sonographer - AIMS Education Training to become a diagnostic cardiac sonographer can be one of the best professional and personal decisions you make for yourself. Switching careers to work as one will allo you to help save the lives of patients while working in a constantly evolving field with a seriously bright outlook. Opting to become a cardiac sonographer (also referred to as an echocardiographer) might be the right decision for someone who wants to work in an exciting and rewarding profession. That said, there are a few things you should know before joining the field.

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The Top 10 Reasons to Enroll in a Technical School

Reasons to Allied Healthcare - Enroll in a Technical School - AIMS Education

Many people fresh out of high school – or adults looking to further their career – will need to decide if they want to go to a technical school or a traditional college.

While many opt for a traditional college experience, there are numerous benefits to enrolling in a vocational or technical school (particularly in the fields of allied healthcare, robotics, and automotive repair).

We’ve compiled a list of the top 12 reasons why you should consider enrolling in a technical school today.

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14 Top-Paying Allied Health Careers

best paying allied health jobs careers

Top-Paying Allied Health Careers
Pictures of Money / Flickr / CC BY

Did you know that the healthcare field is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the US? America’s demand for trained health professionals has increased by an average of 21% in the past decade.

Jobs in the allied healthcare field currently make up 60% of all healthcare positions, while the other 40% is distributed between medicine, nursing, and pharmacy. Allied healthcare jobs might have lower educational requirements than those in the medical field, but they are still expected to command higher paychecks. Even better, you can rely on incredible employment opportunities over the coming decades.

How do we know all this? You can place your trust the US Bureau of Labor Statistics – the agency certainly knows their numbers! Read on to find out which are some of the fastest-growing and top-paying allied health careers, according to the latest governmental data.
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Hospital Job vs. Clinic Job: How to Choose the Best Work Environment

Hospital vs. Clinic Jobs: Which Is Better for You? - AIMS Education

It’s not always easy to determine which working environment will be the best fit for you. And with allied healthcare jobs available in both hospitals and clinics, the decision about where to start your career is a crucial one.

Some of today’s most well-known healthcare practitioners have built their careers in hospitals, while others have become highly regarded while working in clinics. Both have a lot to offer but vary in terms of expectations, requirements, and upward mobility.

Whether you’re just starting out or simply thinking about attending an allied healthcare certification course, take some time to educate yourself about the differences in these locations. Who knows? You might discover that your perfect future career is right around the corner.

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How Has Medical Coding/Billing Changed Over the Years?

Medical Billing and Coding - AIMS Education With the rapid evolution of technology in healthcare, medical records and claims management has become easier and faster than ever. While the introduction of digital medical records has helped the efficiency of the medical coding and billing sector, it has also increased the need for highly specialized professionals over the coming years.

Medical billing and coding programs offer the education and training needed to meet these new demands in the allied healthcare industry. From working in a high-demand field to workplace flexibility (like working from home), here’s some need-to-know information about the surprising field of medical billing and coding.

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Facts and Fiction: What You Need to Know about Surgical Technology

What You Need to Know about Surgical Technology - AIMS Education

Surgical technologists (also known as scrub techs) are an intrinsic part of any operating room team and are relied upon to perform a wide variety of tasks. We’ve heard quite a few fallacies about this career, and as one of America’s leading allied healthcare training programs, we’d like to set the record straight about this exciting – and often misunderstood – career.

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Discover Incredible Endoscopy Technician Salary & Career Opportunities in NJ

Endoscopy Technician Salary & Career Opportunities - AIMS Education

An endoscopy technician is one of the many exciting career paths that comprise the allied healthcare field. If you’ve always wanted to work in healthcare – or are simply looking to change your job – being an endoscopy technician (otherwise known as a gastrointestinal tech) could be right for you.

Working in this growing field provides professionals with a sense of accomplishment, as well as incredible experiences in the medical sector.

We’ve put together the information you need to make a well-informed decision about choosing the right endoscopy tech program for you.

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Sterile Processing Technician Salary & Career Opportunities in NJ

Sterile Processing Technician Salary & Career Opportunities in New Jersey - AIMS Education

Do your friends call you the “clean freak” of the group? Do you enjoying making others lives easier, but don’t always like to be in the spotlight? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, a career as a sterile processing technician (SPT) could be right for you.

AIMS currently offers a 9-11 month sterile processing tech program that provides all the tools you need for an entry level job in this profession. Continue reading to find out more about what a sterile processing tech does, average salaries, and what sorts of job opportunities and career growth you can expect.

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