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Kimberly Truong

Before Kimberly Truong joined AIMS, she always made it a point to live her life to the fullest. She traveled extensively throughout the United States as well as internationally. Her interest in healthy living inspired her to take up body building and fitness modeling. Unlike most people, however, fitness wasn't just her hobby; it was a passion that lead to her become a certified fitness instructor, Zumba instructor, and qualified client and exercise advisor.

A big part of her life philosophy has revolved around her ambition to work in healthcare. In trying to determine which career would suit her best, Kimberly has developed a strong foundation of knowledge in biology, pharmacology, and medicine.

Kimberly has always had lofty career ambitions. However, as a single parent, family was her main priority. She put her education on hold while she focused on raising her son. The most challenging aspect of going back to school was balancing being a mother, a daughter, and a full time student. Despite the challenges of managing her class schedule with her son’s, Kimberly has still been able to find time for healthy cooking, exercise, and her son’s full week of sports activities. Luckily she has wonderful parents who have supported and encouraged her to complete her healthcare education.

Kimberly is currently enrolled in the Embryology Technologist program at AIMS. She has been one of the top students in her class and is quickly closing in on her graduation date. Faculty advisor Kevin Kessler, who has been an embryologist for more than 20 years, is confident that Kimberly will have a wonderful career in the field of Embryology.

Kimberly attributes a lot of her success in the program to the excellent teaching staff at AIMS. She appreciates the passion and knowledge they are able to share about the field. The fact that they are always available to their students helped create a wonderful learning environment.

"The two instructors that I’ve had the pleasure of working with are very passionate about IVF and very knowledgeable in their fields of expertise."

Now that she is nearing the end of her education at AIMS, she feels “inspired, motivated, and confident” regarding her future in Embryology. After she graduates, Kimberly has several career goals that she hopes to achieve. She plans to start off as an andrologist and work her way up to a full-time embryologist.

While she is developing her career, she also plans to start working on a Master’s degree in Embryology. Kimberly sees her career in Embryology growing substantially in the upcoming years. Her ultimate goal is for a career that offers her the opportunity “to live a humbled, fulfilling life helping couples fulfill their desires to have a child.”

AIMS Student Kimberly Truong

Name: Kimberly Truong
Program: Embryology (IVF) Technologist
Graduation Date: May 2015