ICD-10 Preparations Continue

ICD-10 Preparations Continue Despite Delay


President Obama recently signed into law a bill that will effectively delay the implementation of ICD-10 until 2015. Despite the delayed implementation, the healthcare industry is continuing its preparations for the eventual transition to the new code set. To ensure that our future graduates are prepared for this industry-wide change, AIMS now offers ICD-10 training as part of its Medical Billing & Coding program as well as the Medical Insurance & Health Records weekend program.

ICD-10 offers a much more specific coding system and is therefore drastically different from the ICD-9 code set that is currently in practice in the United States. The current code set contains approximately 18,000 diagnosis and procedure codes while the soon to be implemented ICD-10 contains well over 100,000 codes. Proper knowledge and training is required for all medical personnel to ease the transition.

AIMS also offers training workshops for healthcare facilities. If you are a hospital administrator and are interested in ICD-10 training for your staff, please contact our Admissions Department at admissions@aimseducation.edu or call 908-222-0002.